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XP Brew

Gamer's Tears

Gamer's Tears

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40 Servings


Product Description: Embrace the dual essence of sweet victory and the sharp taste of defeat with XP Brew's Gamer's Tears. This soluble tea blend masterfully marries the succulent notes of ripe blueberries with a swirl of luxurious salted caramel, creating a symphony of flavours as complex as the emotions in your favourite games.

Flavour Profile: Each sip delivers a narrative of contrasting flavours - the initial sweetness of blueberry, symbolizing the rush of a well-earned win, cascades into the rich depth of salted caramel, reminiscent of those intense, nail-biting moments of the gameplay. Gamer's Tears is for the player who savours every part of the gaming journey.

Energy-Infused Ingredients: Crafted to enhance endurance and focus, our blend is charged with a balanced array of vitamins and minerals. It's designed to power you through the longest of gaming marathons without the inevitable crash, keeping your senses sharp and your reflexes ready.

Health Benefits:

  • Antioxidant Rich: Blueberries offer a bounty of antioxidants, fighting against free radical damage as you battle your in-game foes.
  • Mood Enhancer: The comforting presence of caramel is known for its mood-enhancing properties, perfect for keeping spirits high.
  • Sustained Energy: Our carefully calibrated formula supports sustained energy levels, fueling longer sessions of immersive gameplay.

Vegan-Friendly: XP Brew is committed to ethical practices. Gamer's Tears is 100% vegan, made with ingredients sourced in harmony with the planet.

Brewing Made Easy: Dissolve a scoop of Gamer's Tears in hot water and stir your way to a perfect gaming companion in seconds - no waiting, just winning.

Join the XP Brew Community: Choosing Gamer's Tears is your initiation into an elite circle of players who take their gaming and their refreshment seriously. Share your gaming triumphs and the quiet moments in-between with #GamersTears and #XPBrew.

Fuel your next quest with Gamer's Tears by XP Brew. It's not just a tea; it's a tribute to every gamer's journey.

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