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XP Brew

Sweet Not Salty

Sweet Not Salty

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40 Servings


Product Description: Indulge in the guilt-free decadence of XP Brew's Sweet Not Salty, where the classic comfort of vanilla meets the rich, creamy notes of butter in a delectable soluble tea powder. Crafted for gamers who appreciate the sweeter things in life without the salty setbacks.

Flavor Profile: Every scoop of Sweet Not Salty is a tribute to your favorite vanilla treats, with a buttery finish that's smooth, satisfying, and oh-so-delicious. It's the perfect companion for those moments when you need a sweet escape from the intensity of the gaming world.

Energy-Infused Ingredients: Beyond its delightful taste, Sweet Not Salty is infused with energy-boosting ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to keep you in the zone, sharp and focused, without the dreaded energy crash.

Health Benefits:

  • Comfort in a Cup: The soothing flavors of vanilla and butter are known for their comforting effects.
  • Steady Energy: With no added sugar, our blend supports sustained energy for long gaming sessions.
  • Mood Enhancer: Vanilla is naturally uplifting, making it an excellent mood booster.

Vegan-Friendly: True to our commitment, Sweet Not Salty is 100% vegan-friendly, crafted with the utmost care for both your wellbeing and the environment.

Instant Mix Magic: When your gaming calls, Sweet Not Salty answers. Just mix with hot water for an instant creamy delight that gets you back to gaming in no time.

Join the XP Brew Community: Share your sweetest gaming moments with #SweetNotSalty and #XPBrew. We're not just building a brand; we're crafting a community where every flavor tells a story.

Make Sweet Not Salty part of your gaming ritual and savor the creamy, dreamy side of XP Brew. It's more than a tea – it's a slice of sweet victory.

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