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XP Brew

Mana Mix Taster Pack

Mana Mix Taster Pack

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Product Description: Embark on a flavour-filled journey with XP Brew's Starter Pack, your passport to discover the full range of our gaming-inspired soluble tea powders. Each pack contains a single-serving sachet of all five of our epic flavours, perfect for finding your favourite brew or mixing it up based on your gaming mood.

What's Inside:

  • Sweet Not Salty (Vanilla & Butter)
  • Gamers Tears (Blueberry & Salted Caramel)
  • Carry Me Cranberry (Cranberry)
  • Spicy Passion Power-Up (Chilli & Passionfruit)
  • Dark Victory Delight (Cherry & Dark Chocolate)

Perfect For:

  • Gamers looking to level up their refreshment game.
  • Those new to XP Brew and eager to explore our flavours.
  • A unique gift for the gamer in your life who values a quality brew.

Experience the Variety: Each sachet is a new chapter in your gaming session, with flavours ranging from the sweet nostalgia of Buttered Popcorn in our Sweet Not Salty to the heat boost of our Spicy Passion Power-Up. With our Starter Pack, you hold the power to choose your potion.

Easy to Brew: Our sachets are designed for convenience. Just mix with hot water, and you're ready to sip, play, and conquer.

Join the XP Brew Community: Share your tasting quest with fellow gamers using #XPBrewStarter and #FlavorLevelUp. Your feedback helps us continue to craft blends that gamers around the world will love.

The XP Brew Starter Pack is more than just a collection of teas. It's an invitation to explore, to taste, and to find your winning formula. Ready to begin your quest?

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